Fastest Cars

buggatiiAs automobile technology has progressed the title of the fastest car in the world has become a bit of a moving target (excuse the pun). There is also the fact that there are several specialist motor vehicles that are designed specifically to break land speed records – however, these cars only fit loosely into the definition of what a ‘car’ is.
If we ignore rocket powered ‘cars’ that will never see tarmac then and limit ourselves to cars that are road legal we may be on firmer ground.

The consensus seems to be that currently the fastest road-legal car in the world is the appropriately named Hennessey Venom GT. This speedster broke the record that was held by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport by clocking an astonishing 270.49 mph in 2014.

As they say in the late-night advertising slots – ‘that’s not all’. The upgraded Venom GT is set to smash its current record by using E85 flex fuel. This boosts the 7-liter motor to astonishing levels.

In a set of specs that are truly frightening to contemplate this upgraded Venom will reach 60 mph in 2.4 seconds and reach a pinnacle of 200 mph in 12.8 seconds. There’s no word if you’ll have to be wearing a G-suit to be able to handle that sort of acceleration.

However, Hennessey has no plans to stop there. The Venom F5 is in the works. If the promises made by the designers are anything to go by this model will be pushing the limits of the internal combustion engine to the very limits and engineering and physics.

If the predictions are to be believed, then this hypercar (supercar seems a bit tame of a label) will reach a terminal speed of 280mph.

Now this is all very well, but this car is only going to see limited production, in the words of the Hennessey CEO we’re only going to ‘a handful’ in 2016.

So when we get back to the realms of the merely extremely fast, but widely available supercars – which one of them is the worst on the block?

We have to go back to the relatively venerable Bugatti Veyron for that award.

Despite some back and forth discussions on specs this $2.4 million supercar holds the Guinness record as the fastest production car in the world.

At an electrically limited to 258mph, this doesn’t hold up to the Hennessey Venom monster – but it’s still the official titleholder.

For cars that’ll give everything on the road a bit of a fright, but are still within the budget of mere mortals (albeit wealthy ones) the vote would have to go to the Koenigsegg Agera R which theoretically can do 260mph (but never officially verified) or the crowd favorite – the Porsche 9FF GT9-R – coming in at a laggardly 257mph.

After that we go down the lists to cars that only mind blisteringly fast – but they’ll still tear your face off given a bit of a straight highway.

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